Hustle Culture and Chronic Illness

Functional Medicine Unfiltered Episode 12

In episode 12, high-performance coach Jacqui Williams shares her wisdom on how to avoid the inevitable burnout resulting from hustle culture that can lead to chronic illness.

Hope After Healing (Andi’s Story)

Functional Medicine Unfiltered Episode 11

In this episode, Andy shares her experience with Dr. Stanga’s root cause approach. She offers insight into the process of immune therapy and what like looks like after healing.

Hope After Healing (Julie’s Story)

Functional Medicine Unfiltered Episode 10

After having gone to Mayo Clinic, numerous specialists and even Cancer Treatment Centers with no explanations for what was causing her symptoms, Julie decided to take a different approach with Dr. Stanga. It was discovered what was at the root of her debilitating symptoms was Lyme Disease. After 18 months of treatment, Julie shares her […]

What is NOT wrong with you

Functional Medicine Unfiltered Episode 9

In this episode, Dr. Stanga discusses the misconceptions of what most people attribute their chronic issues to. She will go through a list of the most common concerns that many patients think are at the root of their symptoms and explains why these issues aren’t really the problem at all.

Hope After Healing (Mindy’s story)

Functional Medicine Unfiltered Episode 8

PANDAS is one of the most under and incorrectly diagnosed conditions in children. In this episode, the mother of two PANDAS-diagnosed boys shares her experience working with Dr. Stanga and her immune therapy approach. Being a cancer survivor herself, she also shares her own story about immune therapy treatment and the many ways it has […]

The Road Less Travelled

Functional Medicine Unfiltered Episode 6

Join Dr. Stanga as she discusses the stigmas associated with alternative medicine and her thoughts on why more people than ever before are venturing down the road less travelled.

Hope After Healing (Cellina’s Story)

Functional Medicine Unfiltered Episode 5

Dr. Stanga is joined by one of her patients who has not only seen amazing results for herself but her family as well. In this episode, we discuss healing from Lyme Disease along with a condition that is skyrocketing in our children- PANDAS. Learn more about chronic infections, immune therapy, and what is really at […]