What is Hormonal Imbalance?

Hormonal Imbalance

Our body is so intelligent that we can usually tell when we have a hormone imbalance problem.


Often times it is driven by our symptoms. Some people complain of weight gain, blood sugar handling issues, low sex drive, chemical sensitivity, infertility, depression, mood swings, fatigue, bone loss and low muscle mass. The problem with hormone dysregulation better known as hormone imbalance is not the hormone it is what is causing the hormones to be unbalanced.

Our hormones are regulated by our hypothalamus and pituitary glands part of our endocrine system. If either of these organs fail primarily due to toxicity or stress, our endocrine system can not make the proper amount of hormones. Many people choose hormone replacement therapy, hormone creams, and medications in efforts to alter the biochemistry of the body only to experience increased symptoms or more problems.

Going to the source upstream is the only way I believe someone can overcome hormone problems. Let us help you find the source today.