Dr. Maegan Stanga
Dr. Maegan Stanga

In your first visit, Dr. Stanga will obtain a complete health history and a timeline of triggering events and symptoms.

The key to functional medicine is treating each person as an individual and getting to the root cause of health problems.

This generally entails a detailed conversation about your current state of health and lifestyle habits. This visit will last approximately 45 minutes and is primarily designed to gather information. Dr. Stanga may make some simple recommendations at this time, but most advice and recommendations will be addressed at your Report of Findings visit.

Your Report of Findings will be scheduled within a few days of your initial consultation.

This appointment is approximately 20 minutes in length and is designed to discuss the findings from the first visit and to go over future care recommendations.

There is no additional charge for this visit, however Dr. Stanga will be making recommendations on how best to approach your health goals.

This investment is $550.00