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Jeffrey SchemikJeffrey Schemik
03:06 23 Jun 22
Both Mark and doctor Stanga are good and honest professionals. I’ve been to numerous other doctors and one specialist. They all failed me and put minimal effort into resolving my health issues. After describing my symptoms on the first visit to doctor Stanga, she suspected what was wrong. She ordered numerous specific tests that confirmed her suspicions. I’m now undergoing therapy to resolve the problem….one visit is all it took.
D TizzleD Tizzle
05:05 19 Jun 22
Excellence from start to finish! From the prompt call backs, the details given by Mark, and the patience and time he takes to explain each process, the compassion he shows for your health, to the time Dr. Stanga spends with you, listening intently and then mapping out a health plan after examining your test results, I am thoroughly satisfied. But what's more is that FINALLY I'm on the road to recovery. Finally I have peace of mind feeling my physical and mental health starting to improve. I have nothing but the utmost praise and thanks for Mr. Mark and Dr.Stanga, and such relief that the weight of ill health is dissapating along with the fear that I was never going to feel well again. Thank you so much!!!Jeffrey D.S.
Anne SpencerAnne Spencer
17:15 04 Jun 22
Can't speak highly enough of Dr. Stanga. It sounds cheesy to say, but she changed my life. I went to see her for reoccurring sinus infections coupled with sinus headaches and was treated for that, along with a half other dozen symptoms that I didn't even realize were related. She is incredibly thorough and does her due diligence in order to get to the root cause of your health issues. 8 months later, I feel better than ever, no longer suffer from ANY of the symptoms that I had just assumed would be part of the rest of my life. If you are having trouble other doctors listening to you and want someone who will listen and take your concerns seriously... RUN don't walk to see Dr. Stanga. She's the best!
Kaci ChoateKaci Choate
18:30 02 Jun 22
I started seeing Dr. Stanga in June 2021. After the birth of my second child in 2014 I felt off. I had extreme fatigue along with GI issues & slew of other vague symptoms. After following up with my OB & PCP over the years I was constantly told everything was normal. In 2016 my labs showed low folate, b12 and vitamin D. My PCP put me on supplements & wanted to put me on antidepressants & sleeping pills which I never took because I felt like it was his bandaid treatment for his “moms” and I knew I wasn’t depressed & didn’t need help with sleep. I didn’t feel any better taking the supplements & found a new PCP & continued the supplements, still with no relief. I have worked in traditional healthcare since 2000 & it wasn’t helping me so I started looking at functional medicine. I found Dr. Stanga online & after the consult decided to go forward even though it was very different than the traditional healthcare I still currently work in. After completing the treatment I no longer have the fatigue, my GI symptoms have improved drastically & continue to get better & all those vague symptoms like brain fog, anxiety, balance, intermittent dizziness have gone away. I am definitely glad I decided to take this chance and just do what Dr. Stanga recommended. I am now more present not only in my own life but with my kids and husband which was my main reason for seeking alternative treatment. Thank you Mark & Dr. Stanga!!
Lillian VickeryLillian Vickery
21:04 18 Mar 22
I’m officially done with my treatment protocol, and though it sounds silly the feeling is bittersweet. Dr. Stanga truly gave me hope! The first time I sat down in her office I knew it was exactly were I needed to be. I knew I wasn’t “young and healthy and perfectly fine” like I had been told so many times. It was refreshing to have a doctor sit and listen, like really listen to what I was saying.The past eight months have not been easy, but man was it worth it. If you are struggling and not getting answers please don’t lose hope. There are other routes to healing! Invest in your health and a doctor who truly wants the best for you.Thank you Dr. Stanga ❤️
Emma LugerEmma Luger
11:48 11 Mar 22
I found Dr. Stanga in the spring of 2021. From the very first phone call with Mark I felt more informed than I ever had in a medical setting. After the initial consult with Dr. Stanga I was confident that she could help. When my test results came back I was presented with a clear diagnosis and a plan of action. She took the time to explain (and re-explain) and answer any questions I had to ensure my peace of mind. I did two separate treatments with her and throughout both I was able to call or email if I had any urgent questions or concerns. It was a long process, and she went out of her way to make sure I felt knowledgeable, comfortable, & cared for. I went to Dr. Stanga to find answers but left with healing and a balance in my life that I have never known before. My experience with Dr. Stanga was life changing, and I couldn’t be more grateful for her practice.
Andrea GonzalezAndrea Gonzalez
21:29 26 Jan 22
I consulted with Dr. Stanga's office in April, 2021 and from the start, Mark was extremely informative, thorough and I never felt any negative pressure to move forward. However, the information he provided me after doing the initial intake, it was obvious I needed to do whatever it took to attempt the treatment with Dr. Stanga. She spoke with my husband and I after my blood/stool results revealed I desperately needed her assistance. She was confident from the start as she expressed having similar medical concerns in her past and knew she could help me. My husband and I picked up extra work to fund it - it was difficult but 100% worth it. Dr. Stanga was my final stop after a long list of several years of doctors and treatments I had already tried. Nobody could help me in a way that I felt safe, validated, and like someone would finally get to the root of my problems, before her. My treatment lasted approximately 8 months and I can now say I have seen tremendous improvements in all the concerns I came to her with: extreme daily fatigue, brain fog, daily physical aches/pains to include headaches, and severe menstrual symptoms (very heavy bleeding, cramping, and fatigue 2-3 days a month). As a result of all these issues, my mental health was suffering as well as increased weight gain, lack of motivation to better myself, etc. I am a mom of 4, a career woman, a wife, a friend and a family member - I didn't have time for this! Even at 43 years old I now feel like I have another chance to "start over" again. My husband gifted me a Peloton to celebrate my recovery and both of us use it daily - something I NEVER could have done a year ago! I am so grateful to Dr. Stanga and Mark for all they did to help me get my life back.

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I created Functional Medicine Unfiltered to share the secrets of how I'm helping my patients heal from chronic illness in a real and authentic way. It's my hope that by sharing my patients' inspirational journeys from sickness to health that it encourages you to do the same, learning more about my approach along the way.

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Not feeling your best and don’t know why…even when you’re trying to do the “right things” for your health? That's where I come in...

If you’ve always been healthy then suddenly start experiencing mysterious symptoms such as chronic digestive issues, thyroid problems, autoimmune issues like Hashimoto’s, food sensitivities, fatigue, weight gain, hormone imbalances, fertility, or postpartum issues, etc you know how defeating it feels. Especially when you’re told “your labs are normal” or “I can find nothing medically wrong with you.” But you know something is not right.

I get that, because I’ve been there too! And it is through my personal journey to healing that I discovered how to (finally) find and treat the root cause of disease.

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You Are More Than Your Diagnosis

Over 1000 patients have walked through my door with a list of symptoms and diagnoses they’re come to wear as labels. 

  • Hashimotos
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Long Covid

While a diagnosis is often the first step in anyone’s health journey, it doesn’t tell us “why”.  It’s only a name given to symptoms.  Identifying the imbalances that led to the diagnosis is where true healing begins.

Have You Tried The Following With No Success?

While these methods can be helpful for some, they only address the surface level of your symptoms.  Even if one of your symptoms is eliminated with one of these, it can come right back, because you didn’t address its cause.

Building the Foundation for Optimal Health Begins with These Five Steps.

Your Symptoms Are Speaking to You

Introducing the “Symptom Assessment: What’s Your Root Issue?” quiz to finally help you get to the bottom of your health issues!

This assessment is a comprehensive list of symptoms I see come through my practice daily and the chronic infections that are the cause of them all. Take the quiz to discover your issue and find out more about what it is, what caused it to appear, and how to treat it.

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