Functional Medicine Unfiltered

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We'll answer the question, "What is really wrong with you?"

Dr. Maegan Stanga, DC is a functional medicine practitioner on the forefront of helping patients battle their complex health cases.

In this podcast, she’ll discuss what truly is at the root of chronic illness, whether it be autoimmunity, allergic responses, cancer or mystery illnesses.

Each week we’ll focus on the most critical health issues of our time and you’ll learn the secrets of a Lyme-literate doctor whose successfully helping patients identify their root causes and regain their health.

We’ll answer the questions – “What is really wrong with you, why has no one been able to figure it out, and how you can finally get your life back?”

Functional Medicine Unfiltered Episode 9

What is NOT wrong with you

In this episode, Dr. Stanga discusses the misconceptions of what most people attribute their chronic issues to. She will go through a list of the

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Functional Medicine Unfiltered Episode 6

The Road Less Travelled

Join Dr. Stanga as she discusses the stigmas associated with alternative medicine and her thoughts on why more people than ever before are venturing down

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