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Dr. Maegan Stanga Functional Medicine Practitioner
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Why Functional Medicine?

My journey with functional medicine began with my own personal health crisis. My health had been slowly deteriorating over time but about 8 years ago the perfect storm of events took place. It was the birth of my second child coupled with chronic stress from my growing practice that sent my health crashing. I was bed ridden for a time and I became obsessed with figuring out what was wrong with me! Now, this same passion drives me to find answers for my patients and see them reclaim the lives they once had, if not more!

Over the years, through a lot of time, research, experience, trial and error, I’ve discovered that the biggest root cause bringing people in to see me has to do with their immune systems not functioning properly because of chronic infections. This is a subject that no one is talking about! I felt compelled to do my part to help educate through my podcast. It’s my hope that it starts an important conversation not just amongst patients but practitioners as well.

Outside of my clinic- my greatest joy is my family. I have 3 girls ranging from 5 to 14 years.

Dr. Stanga's Healing from Chronic Illness

Listen to my entire journey from being bed ridden to helping thousands of patients heal their chronic illness in Episode 1 of the Functional Medicine Unfiltered Podcast